you cant use a slur just because south park said it wasnt a slur anymore i cant believe this is an actual discussion

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Gone but never forgotten. RIP, baby girl.


im soooo done

I can’t stop watching this. I wish this was as long as a feature-length film

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Breaking via ABC News: UN Human Rights Council votes to open inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza; U.S. is the ONLY “no” vote.

That’s because the U.S. is a direct accomplice to every war crime that Israel commits.


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I should just be my own best friend
Not fuck myself in the head with stupid men

Absolutely zero tolerance for negative self talk


  • You are able
  • This has a solution
  • Of course you can!
  • You will do it
  • You’re a success magnet for real for real
  • Money flows freely to you
  • Even in rejection there’s a lesson to be learned
  • Closed door? Fuck a door, I’ll bust through this window
  • Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it

You’re a success magnet for real for real

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I just sit here sometimes like


sexism is still a thing

the fact that sexism was ever a thing

it just

it’s beyond me

a woman pushes you out of her fucking BODY

and you grow up to be like ‘ahahaha women r stupid and weak’

i don’t get how that happens

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